Alki Beach, Homebase


Bathhouse to Lighthouse (1.2)

Bathhouse to Lighthouse to Condos "On the Other Side" and back to bathhouse (2.4) 


1.2 - 2.4 Miles


Low - Mid 50s


Swim Buoy + Notorious Alki Swimmers!

I regularly swim Alki Beach in West Seattle, WA with a group of swimmers known as the "Notorious Alki Swimmers." Many don't wear wetsuits, even in winter! They're amazing people who are a constant source of inspiration and motivation.

This post will be ongoing as I go to Alki nearly every weekend. I like to swim a 1.2-.3 mile stretch of beach, from the bathhouse to the lighthouse and back. I am working up mileage to swim 2.5 miles from the bathhouse to the condos on the other side of the point and back to the bathhouse. It's jellyfish season so I have to work up the bravery for it!

Some shots of some favorite swims at Alki, many of which are courtesy of my fellow swimmer/photographers:


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