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About Me


Welcome to Wetsuit Weekender!


I hope this site serves to help inspire mid-distance (10K max) open water swimming adventures for anyone interested in getting started, needing a boost of motivation, or just curious about the sport! 

My mission is simple: to make it easier for others to experience the joy of open water swimming!

I started mid-distance swimming in August 2018 (my official swimaversary is August 8, 2018, the day I swam 2.5 miles across Lake Washington!) - proof that anyone can do it if you put your mind to it. I never swam in high school or college, in fact, I didn't play any sports in either. I was always a hiker and yogi!

My swim story is a weird one. I mostly had experience swimming in my family's pool growing up with my friends, plus trips to the water slide by the beach in Rhode Island with my Dad as a kid. My first wetsuit was from a woman who lived near me by Lake Washington in Seattle, she was having a tag sale and selling it. I ended up swimming with her regularly throughout the summer, but never wore her wetsuit. Eventually, I tried it on, and it ripped horribly. Even though her wetsuit didn't work out for me, it was with her that I started swimming 1/2 a mile in the lake and worked my way up to 2.5 miles that summer. 

So far, the most I've swam is a 10K (current assisted). I swim about 5 - 6x a week, averaging around 5 miles a week (more in the summer). I don't swim for speed; I swim about a 45 minute open water mile depending on conditions. 


Everything I know about OWS is because of my wonderful swim mentors and community. My knowledge is the accumulation of information from everyone who has helped me in this sport along the way! You know who you are - and thank you! This community is really something special. Plus, all around the world, they unanimously love post-swim cake and donuts!


I hope this site helps new swimmers find the information they need to start experiencing the joy that is OWS! 

Always be safe out there - swim with a buoy and buddy!

- Paige N

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