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I hope this site serves to help inspire mid-distance (10K max) open water swimming adventures for anyone interested in getting started, needing a boost of motivation, or just curious about the sport! 

I started mid-distance swimming two years ago- more proof that anyone can do it if you put your mind to it. So far, the most I've swam is a 10K (current assisted), but I regularly swim around 2.4 miles and am working up to a regular 5K. I can't go without saying that everything I know about OWS is because of my wonderful swim mentors and community. My knowledge is the accumulation of information from everyone who has helped me in this sport along the way! You know who you are - and thank you! 


I hope this site helps new swimmers find the information they need to start experiencing the joy that is OWS! 


I love bringing my wetsuit along on weekend trips to dunk in unknown waters. I like to be comfortable when swimming, wetsuits are OK in my book if they make you a happier and safer swimmer!

Always be safe out there - swim with a buoy and buddy!

Paige N.

Blogger, wetsuit-donning OWS swimmer, PNW adventurer


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NOTE: I am not an expert and this site is meant to give you tips on OWS and some ideas for adventures. If you're really serious about OWS, a swim coach is probably helpful. Your safety is ultimately in your own hands. Be smart out there and have fun!