Lake Washington, Homebase


Bailey Peninsula Loop (Seward Park) 2.4 - 2.8 miles 


1 - 3.2 Miles


Upper 50s - 70s 


Swim Buoy

I regularly swim in Lake Washington, either at Madrona Park Beach or Seward Park (Bailey Peninsula). The peninsula allows for a great 2.5-.8 mile loop. I started out swimming only 1/2 mile in the lake last summer and worked my way up to 2.5-.8 miles. It's been a real accomplishment for myself, proving myself that you can do anything you put your mind to if you want it bad enough (Mom's motto).

I've also swam across Lake Washington in a race (total of 2.5 miles). Upcoming lake swims include the Fat Salmon swim (3.2 miles)!

The lake ends up being warm enough in July and August to not wear a wetsuit!


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NOTE: I am not an expert and this site is meant to give you tips on OWS and some ideas for adventures. If you're really serious about OWS, a swim coach is probably helpful. Your safety is ultimately in your own hands. Be smart out there and have fun!