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2.4 Mile Whidbey Island Adventure Race

DATE OF SWIM: 6/23/19

A choppy, low visibility, strong current 2.4 mile swim along the beach of Langley, Whidbey Island. My first official swim race!

Camping Adventure

Since I'm addicted to salt water now, I decided my first race would be the 2.4 mile Whidbey Island Adventure Swim in Langley. My friends and I set out for Whidbey Island and camped near Langley, since I needed to be at the race between 7:30-8:30 am and the ferry can be a pain.

We made creations with markers at the campground and drank wine (see my version 1 of my next painting of Shi Shi!). After eating pizza by the water, we went down to the beach to scope out the course and wear wigs made of seaweed.

A Choppy Ride

The swim course was down the beach 1.2 miles, around a buoy, and then back the same way.

The day was grey and water choppy with low visibility, but I did it! Before we started the swim, the race director said we would swim with the current on the way back. I think I missed that change in current, because it felt like I was being pushed out to shore the entire time on the way back finishing up the 1.2 - 2.4 mile leg. I finished last (two people didn't complete the race) out of 34 - all smiles!

At 1:39:48.7, I swarmed in at the finish line with a fleet of support boats since I was the last one out - it felt pretty epic. My time included talking a bit to the kayak support next to me as they told me I maybe would not make the cut off of 1 hour 45 minutes. It felt so nice to have my best friends by my side as I climbed out of the water last with lots of clapping and cheering. The best part about ending last is that you get a supportive audience of all the swimmers!

There was a good representation of Alki swimmers at the race too. Everyone did such an amazing job - the times are so impressive!

Photo Kindly Taken by Suzanne Koval

I'm excited to do this swim again and beat my time next year! It was also great training for Fat Salmon and Swim Defiance, up in July!


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